Adverse of Energy Shots Debuts in Drugstores

IRVING, Texas – Sweet, sugary and caffeine laden drinks keep the 9 to 5 in motion, but what will counteract the excess energy when it’s time to unwind? Debuting in Walgreens is iChill, an innovative 2 oz. shot complete with natural ingredients designed to help you relax and repose.

Right off the Walgreens shelf, iChill is a beneficial and practical mix of Melatonin, Valerian root, Rose Hips and B Vitamins complete with the delicious taste of Blissful Berry. Within 30-40 minutes of an iChill shot, Melatonin works to manage circadian rhythms after a hectic day, Valerian root is known to act as a natural sedative for easy sleep, Rose Hips add Vitamin C to relieve exhaustion and Vitamin B to help boost mood, ease stress and promote increased cell metabolism.

iChill users can say farewell to tired, groggy mornings resulting from a poor night’s sleep as the formula is engineered to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction and restore energy. iChill’s 2 oz. even boasts zero calories, carbohydrates and sugar, for the ultimate alternative to sweet energy drinks.
In addition to stress-related sleep issues, iChill is also ideal for jet-lag, night time hot flashes, jitters and more.

Sold by the case or in packs of 2 at Walgreens, iChill fits in your bag and is safe for airport travel. For more information or a store locator please visit

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