Breakthrough Relief from Menopause Symptoms

IRVING, Texas – Seventy percent of women will experience night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue and restless sleep – all of these bothersome symptoms are the result of menopause. Women have been searching for natural alternatives to combat these symptoms and restore their bodies natural balance. The search ends with one small 2 oz. shot, iChill.

iChill is a natural, carbohydrate free and calorie free refreshing blend of Melatonin, Valerian root, Rose Hips and B vitamins. In a sweet Blissful Berry flavor, iChill’s Melatonin ingredient has been shown to help the timing and release of female reproductive hormones, which are the primary cause of hot flashes and night sweats. Typically, women also reported experiencing restless or poor sleep during this time in which Melatonin can act as a relaxation aid to promote more restful, efficient sleep. Aside from this ingredient, Valerian root has been shown to work as a natural sedative herb to contend with symptoms of insomnia caused by irritability, fatigue and anxiety.

iChill’s other active ingredients include Rose Hips, which contain a fruitful supply of vitamin C and vitamin B. Low levels of vitamin C, an essential nutrient, are found in menopausal women in which iChill helps fill the vitamin void; effectively combating depression, bone loss and skin problems. B vitamins, or namely ‘stress vitamins,’ are known to quell anxiety and tension and boost mood and energy.

Women can reclaim their bodies natural balance with iChill, sold by the case or in packs of 2; the little blue bottle fits in every purse, tote or bag and is safe for airport travel. For more information or a store locator please visit

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