My husband and I have had trouble sleeping for years and have tried all kinds of products. We didn’t like taking diphenhydramine HCl based aids because of the possible dependency that can result. Melatonin pills have worked okay, but never seemed to be effective enough. But iChill has been just an absolute miracle worker. We’re falling asleep easily and waking up refreshed. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for your product.
Jennifer Morris

Occasionally I have a stressful day at work and know that I will have a hard time sleeping. In the past, I would take a pharmaceutical sleep medicine, which was effective, but I would always feel the effects throughout the day. Lately I have been taking Ichill and have found it to be very effective in giving me a good long nights sleep (7 to 8 hours), but the biggest benefit is I find absolutely no side effects. I took some with me on a vacation recently, and everyone tried it and everyone had the same results: a good night sleep without any side effects. Also, I am a triathlete and sleep is a key factor to success. The night before a race is often a sleepless night, but with iChill I have been able to get the much needed rest.
Paul McBride

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how you’ve changed my life.I travel for my job, which means I fly twice a week. What my company doesn’t know is that I have a fear of flying. I used to have to take certain Rx in order to fly, however when I would land I would still be feeling the effects. Since I discovered your product I can say that I no longer need to take any pills. One IChill 20 mins. before take off and I am just perfect for the entire flight.
Thank you IChill, you have changed my life for the better.
Jeff F.
Houston Texas

Hi there, I had gotten some free samples a few months ago. My life is hectic at the very least. I love to read but with a new grandson and a son in the National Guard, trying to hold fund raisers for a ministry, and just everyday life, I find that I cannot concentrate at all on what I am reading. I was skeptical at first about drinking something to help you rest(old school, I guess). I finally convinced myself to drink an ichill and to my surprise and great relief, the experience was amazing. It relaxed me enough to be able to read a few pages of an enjoyable book and then drift comfortably off to sleep without all the worries of the day stuck in my head. I really do think it is a great product and I had a great experience with it. I am just financially unable to afford little luxuries for myself! Thank you for responding, as I know with a company to run, sometimes little request dont always get answered. Here is my shipping information you asked for and I am going to be anxiously awaiting a surprise from you. Thank you so much!
Respectfully, Annette
Waynesboro, GA

I have been a customer of I chill since I first discovered it. It gently shut down all those loose ends in my head at the end of the day and let me enjoy my evening, and fall asleep quickly, just like everyone said it would. Here is what they didn’t tell me…..

Three weeks ago I began having pain severe enough that surgeons prescribed me very strong pain killers,( and ironically additional medication to keep from throwing them up again).They tore my stomach up and the side effects were not worth the pain they took away. Ichill was different, it allowed my body and brain to unclench enough to get rest, making this incredibly painful part of my life, a little bit easier, naturally. I would and have recommended this product to family and friends and they have been just as impressed.

As a side note, iChill’s customer service is second to none. If you have ANY problems, the REAL number, to speak to a REAL human in on the website. I had the good fortune to get Reese, and his immediate response to a minor problem, guaranteed my continued business with this company forever.

Thank you Reese!
Barb Driver
Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hello my name is Brandon. I work at ohare international airport in Chicago, IL. I’ve worked at a ground handling company there for about 3 and a half years now. I have worked many different shifts ranging from 3am-1130am to having 630pm-3am and everything inbetween. Lately my company has been changing my shifts more frequently and it is hard for the body to get used to the time difference. Ichill has helped solve that problem. Working in the airline industry we have to handle delays and weather conditions and that causes alot of stress. Ichill makes me feel relaxed and really helps me unwind from my crazy days.
Brandon Blindt

“Lately I’m up at 0400hrs to grab a coffee and start with a fresh brain on the tasks at hand. In the shower by 0730; and out the door by 0830 to make sure that I reach the office by 9 (I carpool with a friend). Multitasking? HA HA… Funny… I use 3 computers at the same time and they still can’t keep up with me. I develop content and ads, and also do operations database management at the same time. Fun. After an hour lunch and training new hires, I get out of the office around 1800hrs. Get into the carpool lane again and I’m home by 1830. Think it’s done? Well its not.
Round 2… FIGHT! At night, I run my own business offering services to businesses in need. My development team is located all over North America and I’m responsible for managing their efficient work. Needless to say I’m out for late meetings with customers and have to find time to eat and spend time with my wife before I go to bed at 0130hrs. We do what we have to in order to make the world go ‘round, but sometimes… it’s good to iChill. Next? … Kids
Robert Graham

Dean the Bartender likes iChill from iChill on Vimeo.

“I’ve tried it all and nothing has ever helped me fall and STAY asleep…..until now. I have a new little helper and I’m in LOVE! I tried these new iChill drinks after seeing them at the gas station where I fill my car up. they looked like energy shots, but it turns out they are relaxation shots. I was totally skeptical and thought there was no way they’d be able to help me, but I’m at the point where I’ll pretty much try anything. People, believe me when I say they work…..they work every time I take them, I can fall asleep when I want to, stay asleep all night, and the best part is they don’t make you feel all groggy when you get up like most of those other products do.”
Cassiday Proctor

“Ever since Jim started taking iChill his snore is much quieter and I do not have to move to the other room at night to get sleep. iChill has helped both of us sleep better with just Jim taking it nightly.”
Jim & Maggie

“I have been buying IChill for about 2 weeks now. I am a college student and spend alot of time stressing over projects,papers and schedules.ICHILL has made a huge difference and I have shared it with a bunch of friends. It is sometimes hard to find so I have my mom mail it to me from Chicago. It really helps us unwind after an all nighter of studying . Thanks for the great product. It really works.”
Marianne Smith

“great stuff i just finished my first week of college. it was so stressfull i picked one up at the barnes and noble on campus. after the most stressfull week ever i went home and drank it and finally got some great rest thank you ichill”
Tom Weich

“I just started drinking iChill Last week… I love it!! Im a limo driver who has alot of trouble sleeping and after a long day this product is great.”
Mike Wass

“I’ve struggled with sleep patterns since last year, was so glad that my husband found this for me! Totally relaxed me after a long day!!”
Sylvia Media Trigg

“I work 3rd shift at a convenience store. I can NEVER fall asleep when I get home from work so I’m up until 2 or 3 pm and have to turn right back around and leave for work at 9. I would never get to spend any time with my husband or 2 year old daughter. We started selling the iChill shots a couple of weeks ago. Since I’ve started drinking this, I’m asleep EASILY by 10 am so I’m up by 5 pm to spend some extra time with my family. Can’t say enough great things about this product. It’s literally keeping my marriage stronger and making sure I don’t miss out on all the fun things being the mom of a 2 year old can bring! Thanks iChill!”
Erin Testman

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