Dr. Oz: Relaxation Drink Buying Guidelines & Consumer Reports Testing

Picture1The world is full of contradictions and each contradiction is both true and false! All of us would like to be brimming with energy 24*7 . However, there is a limit to which our nerves can hold the resultant tension. Enter Anti- Energy Drinks! Also known as Relaxation Drinks – this phenomenon has really become popular in the US recently. I am sure you’d be surprised to know that this industry is worth over $100 Million! Hard to imagine that they first appeared in the market a few years ago. Dr. Oz is talking about a new way to wind down with relaxation drinks. They are the newest trend in helping you relax and calm down and the best news is they contain natural ingredients already known to promote relaxation. Now find what to look for and if these beverages could work for you!

Dr. Oz: Testing

Jamie Kopf of Consumer Reports says all relaxation drinks are not created equal. She shared the results of a study conducted by Consumer Reports to test which ones actually work and which ones do not. She explained they are not regulated by the FDA and they are not required to list specific amounts of each ingredient on the label, so consumers really have no way of knowing what they are actually getting in the can or bottle. Consumer Reports looked at eight of the most popular relaxation beverages and Jamie said their results found all eight to list a combination of ingredients on the label that claim to calm you down. She did say, however, that only three of the drinks tested listed specific amounts of each ingredient on the label.

Dr. Oz: Buying Guidelines

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia offered Guidelines to follow when buying relaxation drinks. She says it is really tough for consumers because there are so many of these products available, but these rules can help guide you in the right direction when trying to decide which one to buy.

•Choose one that list amount of each ingredient
•Check the serving size


Dr. Oz: Recommendation

Dr. Oz asked Jamie Kopf to share which relaxation drinks she would recommend now that she and Consumer Reports have spent a great deal of time testing them. The first thing she mentioned is that just like with energy drinks, calories and sugar can be an issue with these beverages, so they identified a few that came on the low side to recommend for consumers to try.

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