Make the Most of this Season’s ‘Fall Back’

IRVING, Texas – The extra hour granted during Daylight Saving Time is often viewed as an opportunity for extended time spent out on the town or a chance to push back bedtimes. Naturally, this is easier said than done and the post-midnight gift is rarely utilized to its full capacity. While Americans’ intentions are to ‘fall back’ with their clocks, many end up more tired and, in turn are lackluster, for the following day by not taking advantage of the extra hour sleeping.

Maintaining the same hectic thinking patterns throughout the day and into the extra hour will not yield well-rested results. America often turns to prescription sleeping pills and aids but a natural alternative is iChill. iChill is an innovative 2 oz. shot comprised of natural ingredients proven to relax and restore the body’s natural balance and aid the release of stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and easy sleep, and help make the most of the extra time gained during Daylight Saving, resulting in a well-rested, energy-packed and feel-good next day.

“It is not that people do not want to sleep,” said Greg Figueroa CEO of iChill. “Often, what our minds are consumed with during the day has the tendency to keep us up at night, regardless of how tired we are.”

“People don’t just have an opportunity to get another hour in during the day, but they have the responsibility to use it wisely,” added his business partner, brother and Chief Chilling Officer David Figueroa, Jr. “Exerting that extra hour of energy and succumbing to an extended period of stress and anxiety can have an adverse effect on our well being if it’s not balanced out.”

iChill is packed with essential nutrients, such as vitamins B and C, Melatonin, Valerian root and Rose Hips, and is a healthy natural alternative America is turning to in order to ‘chill out.’

Those looking to take full advantage of Daylight Saving Time’s added hour can drink a delicious Blissful Berry-flavored iChill. Within 30-40 minutes the body is proven to naturally relax and may help to fall into a deep, restorative sleep without addictive medication.

All that will be missed from the extra hour out on the town is the added calories. Luckily iChill contains zero calories, carbohydrates and sugar and is available conveniently on a drugstore shelf near you.

Sold by the case for the whole family or in packs of 2, iChill fits in your bag and is safe for airport travel. For more information or a store locator please visit

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