You may have noticed some strange items in your minibar next to the overpriced candy, peanuts, and soda.

Comparing today’s minibar with those that first appeared in Europe in the 1960s and America in the 1970s is like comparing silent movies with Pixar animation. Yes, the snacks are still there, but now they are only bit players next to the newest minibar stars: exotic bottled waters, toys, and even poolside essentials like flip-flops and bikinis.

Whether on a business trip or a vacation, the last thing a traveler wants at the end of the day is to be wired. That’s why this Dallas W stocks their minibar with iChill. Think of it as the anti-energy drink. The blend of melatonin, valerian
root, rose hips, and B vitamins is said to calm the body and the mind after stressful day. Just don’t forget to schedule a wake-up call.

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